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Automated deployment: 3 reasons why!

When you have been in the world of software development for a while you have seen it change quite a bit. More and more smart methods, processes and tools exist today to help the developer and lighten his workload. One of those is automated deployment, which you can read all about in this article.

By Maarten Draijer

Continuous delivery: always in production

The times have passed when you could not change code after it went into production together with the long days of testing the code before and after it going live. That is when you're using continuous delivery (CD) at least. This development method for software has a lot to do with continuous integration, but it isn't quite the same. In this article we will shed some light on this intriguing development process.

By Maarten Draijer

The magic of continuous improvement

More and more companies swear by it and it is a force to be reckoned with which can make sure a company keeps innovating and evolving. We're talking about continuous improvement. In this article you can read why it is so important to use.

By Maarten Draijer

GitLab: 4 reasons why it is indispensable

One of the best tools for software developers, who work together on the same projects,is GitLab. It’s like Google Docs, together you can work on the same document. Besides working together on the same projects with the same code, there are more upsides. In this article we will explain some other upsides of GitLab.

By Maarten Draijer
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