Automated deployment: 3 reasons why!

Maarten Draijer

When you have been in the world of software development for a while you have seen it change quite a bit. More and more smart methods, processes and tools exist today to help the developer and lighten his workload. One of those is automated deployment, which you can read all about in this article.

What is automated deployment?

Automated deployment is an important part of modern software development. It all comes down to be able to automatically publish code with the press of a button. This saves a lot of time and effort in comparison with manual deployment. With manual deployment you are required to do very boring and repetitive tasks which nobody really wants to do.

3 reasons to start with automated deployment today

There are a lot of benefits when using automated deployment, however we have chosen to show you the three most important ones.

Anyone can deploy

It isn't in the best interest of a company when all knowledge concerning software implementation is only known by one single developer. However in most cases that exactly the problem. The more complex the system, the more complex the implementation is. In such a case not all developers will know how to implement.

When working with automated deployment that is a thing of the past. Because the whole process is automatized, every developer can deploy at any time. This gives more space to make sure deployment is never halted by the absence of the knowledge of how to deploy.

Fewer errors, less hassle

Quite a few things tend to go wrong when using manual deployment. That is of course because it is done by people and they tend to make mistakes. Important steps are skipped or wrong versions are published or something else might go wrong.

With automated deployment that will no longer happen. As soon as the process is up and running it works flawless time and time again. Another advantage? Your developers are no longer working on a tiresome and boring task that is prone to mistakes. It is better for all parties involved.

Developers doing what they do best

You pay developers to build great software, not to mindlessly copy and paste. Publishing manually takes a lot of time. This time would be better spent on what developers do best which is of course writing good code. That is what they were hired in the first place.

The best tools for automated deployment

Would you like to start with automated deployment? We would advise you to use a nifty tool for that. This prevents you from rediscovering the wheel and will give you the fast results you were hoping for. The five most popular tools are Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, Travis CI and Bamboo.

Are you going to use GitLab for your automated deployment? We'd love to help you any way we can.

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