GitLab: 4 reasons why it is indispensable

Maarten Draijer

One of the best tools for software developers, who work together on the same projects,is GitLab. It’s like Google Docs, together you can work on the same document. Besides working together on the same projects with the same code, there are more upsides. In this article we will explain some other upsides of GitLab.

What is GitLab?

Before we start, it’s good to know what GitLab exactly is.

Let’s start with software developing. In software development it’s important to use version control. If you work with many people and they don’t use the same base, it will be a mess. For example, there will be a lot of bugs. This is where GitLab can help.

Git is a version control system to manage code, to communicate and makes it possible to work together on different software projects. GitLab has brought this to a higher level: it’s a complete online solution for developing software. It’s all in the cloud. So teams can save, share, publish and test code at the same time.

With GitLab it’s easy to add finished code to a project. It provides you with everything you need. For example a wiki, issue tracking, options for continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD).

Four reasons to move to GitLab

Within a team of software developers you can’t work without GitLab. Here’s why:

Continuously improvement

It’s better to improve continuously in small steps, than to make progress in big steps. Because it’s easier to make adjustments during the small steps. GitLab helps you to use this workflow.

One tool to rule them all

GitLab is a comprehensive solution for software development. You can use it for planning, but also for automatically deployment. You won’t have any hassle with integrations or authentications.

Open core and free

In comparison to her competitors, GitLab is open core. Which means that no payment is required for its use. It allows you to add stuff by viewing and changing the GitLab source code.

Intuitive user interface

GitLab is user friendly and has an intuitive user interface. It’s one tool that includes all the functions you need, from managing to defending.

Ready to start?

Besides the mentioned advantages, there are more reasons to use GitLab. We can tell you more about it, but we recommend you to try. The basic version is free, so you’re not attached to anything.

Do you think GitLab is the best tool for you and your developers? The next step is to think about the way you want to host GitLab. You can do it yourself or you can have it done by our experts.

When you choose to let our experts handle the hosting, your team can focus on developing software. We can provide a super fast and always reachable GitLab. The first 30 days of our hosting is free. Besides that, we will always help you with all your GitLab questions.

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