The power of GitLab, now with fully managed hosting and support

Get the speed and privacy of your own GitLab hosting, without the hassle of managing it yourself.

Private, secure and fast

Each GitLab instance runs on a private server, on your own domain name and we take care of the updates and security fixes.

Datacenters around the globe

We can deploy your GitLab instance anywhere in the world. For example; New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore or London.

Automagic incremental backups

Every night we run incremental backups. The backups are securely stored at an off-site location and can be restored with a single click.

Supercharge your development team

We will help you setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments within your current development workflow.

Continuous Integration means that after every push of the code base the test-suite will automatically run. A developer will get a notice of failing tests so they can push fixes until the tests pass again.

Using Continuous Deployments your code get pushed to staging and/or production after the test-suite passes. This means no more error-prone manual deployments.

Dedicated hosting on our private servers

Stop sharing your GitLab hosting with 100.000 others. Get the speed and privacy of your own private hosted instance.

Up to 6x faster than hosted

Our GitLab instances are up to 6 times faster than hosted

Your own domain name

Create your own domain name for the GitLab instance. Clients will be impressed.

Anywhere in the world

Deploy your GitLab instance to any of the 8 datacenters around the world.

Expert customer support

We will help you out via live chat with any questions and/or problems you might have.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Let us know if you’re not 100% satisfied and we will refund you, no questions asked.

Free migrations

Coming from or We will migrate you for free!

How much is fully supported hosting worth to you?

Get the speed and privacy of your own GitLab hosting, without the hassle of managing it yourself.