Supercharge your development team & workflow

We provide dedicated & fully managed GitLab hosting on your own domain name. We take care of everything, like migrating your current code base and setting up CI runners / automatic deployments of your code.



Each GitLab instance runs on a private server, on a custom (sub)domain. Also, updates and critical security fixes are automatically installed.


Use any GitLab version you want, you can choose between the Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Runner.


Every night we run incremental backups. The backups are saved off-site and can be restored with a single click.

Full-service GitLab hosting

You want to use GitLab but don’t want or don’t know how to manage servers or configure CI runners? Let us help you! We provide full-service GitLab hosting which contains all of the following:

  • Deploying your GitLab server anywhere in the world
  • Fully configuring to your wishes
  • Setting up (optional) Continuous Integration Runners
  • Apply monthly GitLab updates
  • Nightly backups
  • Free migration from your current platform

Supercharge your development team

We will help you setting up Continuous Integration and Automatic Deployments within your current development workflow.

Continuous Integration means that after every push of the code base the test-suite will automatically run. A developer will get a notice of failing tests so they can push fixes until the tests pass again.

Using Automatic Deployments your code get pushed to staging and/or production after the test-suite passes. This means no more error-prone manual deployments.

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We offer a 30-days money back policy in case you’re not satisfied.