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Deploy your own GitLab instance within 5 minutes anywhere in the world. We take care of off-site backups, updates, SSL renewals and everything else that is needed for a performant GitLab instance.



We support both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Besides that, we support anything GitLab offers, like GitLab Pages, Prometheus and all GitLab Omniauth providers.

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100% GDPR compliant

We are based in The Netherlands, and therefore we are by law 100% GDPR compliant. Within Europe, you can spawn your GitLab instance in Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt.


GitLab Select Partner

We are a GitLab Select Partner. We help you deliver software more efficiently, with higher quality and security. We deploy, integrate and optimize GitLab solutions and we can handle the whole process of buying GitLab licenses.

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Continuous testing

The world of software development is changing rapidly. For software companies it is therefore of the utmost importance to create and finish new solid products while being expedient. Agile and DevOps have therefore been created. They are tools that help finish software fast and flawless.

By Maarten Draijer

DevOps: what, how and why it has the future

DevOps hasn't been a buzzword for a long time. In fact, the modern world of software development couldn't do without. In this article you can read all about the what it is and how it works. We will conclude with five reasons why it is the go-to choice of many companies.

By Maarten Draijer

Infrastructure as code: faster, cheaper and better

In the world of DevOps and continuous delivery there is another useful tool: Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The advantages of programmable infrastructure are lower costs, speed and reliability. In this article we will be talking about just that.

By Maarten Draijer
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