Fully managed & private GitLab hosting

Get the speed and privacy of your own GitLab hosting, without the hassle of managing it yourself. Now with free migrations from GitLab.com and GitHost.io!

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Do you want a dedicated and fully managed GitLab instance? Let us know. We will take care of everything.

Private, secure & lightning fast

Each GitLab instance runs on a private server, on your own domain name. Your server and GitLab instance are fully managed. 

Datacenters around the globe

We can deploy your GitLab instance anywhere in the world. For example; New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore or London.

Automagic incremental backups

Every night we run incremental backups. The backups are securely stored at an off-site location and can be restored with a single click.

Full-service GitLab hosting

You want to use GitLab but don’t want or don’t know how to manage servers or configure CI runners? Let us help you! We provide you with full-service GitLab hosting:

  • Deploying your GitLab server anywhere in the world
  • Fully configured to your wishes
  • Setting up (optional) Continuous Integration Runners
  • Apply monthly GitLab updates
  • Nightly backups
  • Free migration from gitlab.com and githost.io

What our customers say

Dedicated hosting on our private servers

Stop sharing your GitLab hosting with 100.000 others. Get the speed and privacy of your own private hosted instance.

  • Deploy anywhere in the world
  • Up to 6 times faster than GitLab.com
  • Private, dedicated server
  • Use any GitLab version (Ultimate/Premium/Starter or Core)

Fully managed and supported

  • Automatic & incremental, off-site backups
  • As many CI runners as you want
  • Setting up all your integration and deployments
  • Free migration from your old host

Companies from all over the world trust our services.

Do you want a fully managed GitLab instance?

Get the speed and privacy of your own GitLab hosting, without the hassle of managing it yourself.